Development of World Yoshukai

In 1967, Grandmaster Yamamoto participated in the "International Karate Championship" in Montreal, Canada, accompanying his instructor, Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose. It was held as a memorable celebration of the '67 Montreal World Fair that was coincided with Canada's 100 year anniversary of confederation. Dr. Chitose was invited by the government of Canada to represent Japan. This was the key event of historical importance to Grandmaster Yamamoto to make his steps on the international stage.

Back in 1962 when Yoshukai was founded, Mike Foster was a pupil training directly under Grandmaster Yamamoto. This young and big American national had disciplined himself and demonstrated high proficiency in Karate. Grandmaster Yamamoto highly recognized him and passed his expertise on to him.

In 1967, Shihan (Chief Instructor) Mike Foster was leading Yoshukai America as a director in Tampa, Florida. He traveled to Montreal, Canada and demonstrated Karate at the "International Karate Championship". It was the first Actual Karate demonstration overseas.

Mike Foster, Hiroyuki Koda, Grandmaster KatsuoYamamoto

In 1968, Kazunori Kawakita, the vice president of Yoshukai, visited the United States. Under William Dometrich, the director of Chito-ryu Karate America, he conducted training around the state of Kentucky for one year and three months.
In 1969, Grandmaster sent Shihan Hiroyuki Koda to the United States to spread Karate and train seniors. During this visit, Koda decided to stay and devote his life to making his Karate career in the United States. He later married Gwen who earned the first black belt as an American woman.

Grandmaster KatsuoYamamoto, Mike Foster

Mike Foster, the director of Yoshukai America, experienced discord with Hiroyuki Koda, the vice director, in opinion of administrative affairs and view of the principle of Yoshukai Karate. In 1976, Mike Foster stepped down from the directorship and Koda took the post.
Later, the head office of Yoshukai America was moved to Dallas, Texas. Shihan Hiroaki Toyama and Masakazu Kawano moved to the United States in 1975, and Tasao Kawamata visited the United States for studying in 1976. Their direct support, strong back-up by Yoshukai Japan led by Grandmaster Yamamoto and Kodafs enthusiasm altogether contributed to the advancement of Yoshukai America. It had reached a high degree of development during this period.
In 1997, Shihan Koda, the director of Yoshukai America, passed away of pancreas cancer. For about 30 years, Hiroyuki Koda had committed himself to spreading his knowledge of teachings in the United States.
Yoshukai America which was renamed World Yoshukai is directly managed under the headquarters of Yoshukai Japan and its offices are located in Pensacola, Florida and Dothan, Alabama. World Yoshukai is the only organization directly administered by Yoshukai Japan. The organization is led by the director and Shihan Hiroaki Toyama (vice president of Yoshukai) and Shihan Mike Culbreth (vice president of Yoshukai).
World Yoshukai now has more than 1,000 members in more than 30 branches throughout the United States, including Florida, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, California, Missouri, Nebraska and New Mexico.
Tsuruoka Masami, Mike Foster, Grandmaster KatsuoYamamoto

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