Katsuo Yamamoto

- The Words of Grandmaster

The International Karate Traditional Martial
Arts League YOSHUKAI General Head Office
Katsuoh Yamamoto
I had never thought of becoming a martial artist.
When I was a little, I was beaten in childrenfs fight. This incident opened my eyes. My desire for being strong grew and I began thinking how I could train myself to become stronger. I kept thinking about it night after night. Without a certain goal, I joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces, where my strong association with Karate began.
The fighting arts have become part of my life. I started practicing Karate at the age of 13 and trained Chito-ryu Karate under the instructor Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose in Kumamoto. In 1963, I found Yoshukai in Kitakyushu-shi.
Although I was the owner of dojo, it was small and I suffered from financial distress. Nevertheless, I devoted myself to intensive training and always strove for something new, something that was never done in traditional Karate. Actual Karate was one of such trials. For that, people sometimes misunderstood and criticized me. But if anything these hardships served as the driving force for rather vitalizing me.
"I will never give in." Under this spirit I have pushed myself beyond my limit.
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